One operator – multiple processes.

One of the product families in PEMA shipbuilding solutions is machines and transportation units for heavy shipbuilding.

Machines with multiple tools integrated to PEMA WeldControl allows one operator to control multiple arcs using their fingertips.


PEMA solution for every step of the production process.

A major challenge for high capacity production equipment is to combine the agility of production and welding solutions with simple usability to create a single mega solution. We have solved the challenge by linking successful equipment to a cell and adding a little intelligence to the combination – for instance including root backing beds, individual track welding wagons in longitudinal mounting and individual welding heads in the stiffener welding portal.

Instead of releasing or combining any specific mechanism, we have merged the brains of the machines. In PEMA philosophy, more arcs does not mean more man power – it means an expanded control unit.

One idea in PEMA solutions is that the solutions must also be suitable when the product changes e.g from a freighter to a work ship. There are controls in the equipment where adjustments can be made to suit the new product challenges (as long as the new product relates to ships or platforms).


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