Productive tube shop

Reliable processes – defect-free welding.

Typically, raw tubes are a maximum of 12 meters long which can then be extended to up to 30 meters by panel tubes or over 100 meters with coil welding. This means several joints to the tube and often a 100% inspection rate.

Productive tube shop

A productive tube shop demands a high degree of automation. With PEMA’s tube shop, one operator is capable of handling the whole system in one shift.

Capacity can be defined according to the customer’s needs. Pre-set parameters ensure a reliable process without the possibility of human errors during the welding and cutting process. Repeatable functions without interruptions guarantee solid and reliable quality of the tubes.

The tube line can be fully integrated with the blasting, grinding, cutting, measuring, beveling and buffing processes.

Defect-free welding combined with a high inspection rate demand reliable processes and system control.

All PEMA tube line machines are designed to meet these requirements without any compromises. The joint preparation is carried out with special tools, designed specifically for certain types of joint. Welding is performed with a hot wire TIG, enabling high deposit rates. The welding control system has a wide range of parameters which can be adjusted to achieve the best possible result. One welding lap can be divided into several smaller sectors to fine-tune the parameters for even the most challenging of materials.

The x-ray system can be fully integrated to the tube line. The automatic selection of tubes, depending on the inspection results or production requirements, can be included in the system.


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