For the most demanding mass production.

The PEMA panel welding line with two stationary panel welding machines is designed for mass production of water tube panels.

For mass production

The flexible and modular design of the line means it can be built according to customer requirements. A line with a double stationary welding machine system produces up to over 3000 meters of weld in one shift. The panel welding line with two welding machines and integrated tube and fin-bar prefabrication systems is a complete package for high-productivity requirements.

The line can be utilized with all necessary components for water tube wall panel production from raw material handling to readywelded panels. Standard panel widths are 2000, 2500 and 2700 mm. Other widths are also available on request. The length of the panel is set according to the customer needs.

If production reliability is particularly important for you, the double machine line can be also equipped with an additional conveyor track. This makes it possible to use both welding machines on a standalone basis if necessary. It also provides alternatives and flexibility when welding subpanels together.


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