Pemamek congratulates the 100-year-old Finland

Tomorrow, the 6th of December, will be the big day for Finland as the country turns 100 year. The Finns will celebrate the remarkable day all over the nation with various festivities, fireworks and white-blue-light shows. Additionally, several countries, such as Brazil, Canada, Greece, Russia and Sweden, have lit up their iconic attractions and venues in honor of the centenary of Finland’s independence.

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Finland is known for its pure and authentic nature, and of course sauna.

In the winter time people travel to Lapland to ski, enjoy the crispy winter weather, meet Santa Claus and watch the Northern Lights (auroras), revontulet. The perfect winter day is crowned with hot and steamy sauna and of course a good swim in a hole in the ice, avanto.

In the summer, travellers can experience the Finnish nightles nights with midnight sun, go sailing to the world’s largest archipelago, gather fresh berries and mushrooms from the green forests and go to a Finnish summer cottage located, of course, by a lake.

Illustration of the Saana fell lit up in blue light. Saana’s summit is 1,029 metres (3,376 ft) and the illuminated area will total in 2,5 million square metres. Illustration by Tiina Pulkkinen.


As a part of the Finland 100 celebrations, Luminous light show is organised. The art ensemble includes six local landmarks around Finland, such as Turku Castle and Saana fell in Kilpisjärvi, located in the Finnish Lapponia.

Also several countries around the world join to celebrate the centenary of Finland’s Independence. Over the next few days, there will be blue-and-white light shows at 50 sites in a total of almost 30 countries. For example, Canada will light up the Niagara Falls, Sweden lights up the Globen, Greece the Arc of Hadrian and Brazil The Christ the Redeemer statue. 

Watch video by Visit Finland and see why you should visit one of most fascinating Northern countries.


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